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OW Robotics

About us:

Trustworthy and Time Tested

With almost three decades of experience in providing warehouse management solutions, OW Robotics have an exceptional understanding of businesses that make use of these kinds of spaces.
This knowledge gives us the insights to surpass others in this sector. We provide a superior set of solutions, alongside the very best implementation processes and an elite quality support service.
Our team of experts and specialists help with delivering every aspect of our product. From development and testing, to implementation, ongoing support and customer success. We make sure your business gets the very best.

Support from 200+ Experts and Specialists

If you need help at any step of any of our processes, our UK based support team will be able and available to assist.
We offer highly extensive and award winning training to all 200+ of our staff. This means that our team of experts can offer a superior service to all our clients at all times. When you are dealing with OW Robotics, you can be entirely confident in the knowledge of our staff.

Ongoing Investment, Ongoing Improvement

We know you need to keep moving onwards and upwards if you want to stay on the cutting edge in your sector.
For that reason, we invest over £2 million every year into continuous development of our products and services. We also release a new version of our software every single month. To be the best you need to stay at your best.
OW Robotics is not a static solution. It moves fast to keep your business moving faster.

OWR x Hikrobot– Automating excellence

To provide the very best in flexible warehouse automation, OW Robotics is partnering with Hikrobot.
Combining OW Robotics’ nearly thirty years of warehouse management experience with Hikrobot’s outstanding technology, our clients can receive world-leading, field-defining warehouse automation solutions.
Hikrobot has been developing advanced technology since 2015. The result is a range of robots with truly revolutionary potential.


Your contact at OW Robotics

Lauren Morton

Marketing Associate

t: +447817535521



Explore available equipment:

  • F4 Automated Forklift

    • Manufacturer: OWR
    • Dimensions: 1137 mm x 819 mm x 325 mm
    • Weight: 318 kg
    • Rated load: 1000 kg
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