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igus UK Ltd.

About us:

With plastic bearing experience since 1964, cable carrier experience since 1971 and continuous-flex cable experience since 1989, igus provides the right solution based on 100,000 products available from stock, with over 100 new product innovations each year. 

igus product families include:
  • Low Cost Automation: delta robots, modular robotic arms and linear gantry systems
  • Motor controller systems
  • Industrial robot dress packs, including for cobots
  • e-spool cable reels without slip rings
  • Fully harnessed cable management systems for capital equipment such as cranes and machine tools
  • Project design and site support services

Standard product families include:
  • Polymer plain and spherical bearings
  • Polymer linear bearing systems
  • Additive manufacture bearing materials
  • Stock bar and plate bearing material
  • Polymer cable carriers
  • Continuous flex cables
  • Harnessed drive cables

Justin Leonard


Your contact at igus UK Ltd.

Justin Leonard


t: 07974230343


Caswell Road, Brackmills Industrial Estate

Explore available equipment:

  • robolink RL-DP-5-0004-00-1

    • Manufacturer: igus
    • Payload: 30N
    • Reach: 790mm
    • Degrees of Freedom: 5
    Read more
  • delta robot DLE-DR-0053

    • Manufacturer: igus
    • Payload max.: 5kg
    • Speed max.: 0.7m/s
    • Acceleration max.: 2m/s²
    Read more
  • 3 axis gantry DLE-RG-0003

    • Manufacturer: igus
    • Payload max.: 2.5 kg
    • Speed max.: 0.5 m/s
    • Accuracy: 0.8 mm
    Read more
  • SPHD2.850.14000.03.R.0

    • Manufacturer: igus
    • Extension max.: 14m
    • Speed max.: 1m/s
    • Acceleration max.: 2m/s²
    Read more
  • triflex R dresspack complete

    • Manufacturer: igus
    Read more
  • Crane umbilical complete

    • Manufacturer: igus
    • Travel length max.: 800m
    • Travel speed max.: 5m/s
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