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About us:

Eriez supplies innovative equipment across various industries, including recycling, mining, quarrying, waste handling, ceramics, food and other processing sectors where there is a requirement to remove, separate or detect metals.

Eriez® Product Portfolio Includes:

Magnetic Separators
Eriez offer an extensive range of both heavy and light duty magnetic separation equipment used for the removal of tramp and fine iron from a variety of materials. Eriez ProGrade range is specifically designed to service the processing industry, such as food, pharmaceutical, plastics and rubber. This range is available from immediate stock or custom designed for new and retrofit installations.
ProGrade range includes:
• Grate Magnets
• Plate Magnets
• Tube Magnets
• B-Trap Magnets
• PM Grate Magnets
• Hump Magnets
• Bullet Magnets

Suspended Overband Magnets
Positioned over conveyor belts to remove unwanted ferrous from the product stream. These magnetic separators are principally used in the recycling, quarry and mining industries as effective means to protect expensive downstream equipment.

Magnetic Drums
Eriez magnetic drums are used in applications where materials are fed via conveyor belt for the removal of ferromagnetic and paramagnetic particles from the wet or dry product stream.

Magnetic Pulleys
Used to automatically separate heavy tramp iron and fine iron contaminants from conveyor transported materials.

High Intensity Magnetic Filters
Eriez high intensity, high gradient magnetic separators are mainly required in the mineral processing industry to capture fine ferrous and paramagnetic particles in liquids and slurries.

Rare Earth Roll Separators
The simple pulley and belt system are the ideal solution to separate paramagnetic particles from dry products. This is particularly useful in plastics industry, where it is used in conjunction with Eriez plastics additive, PolyMag®.

Magnetic Sweepers
For an efficient removal of ferrous items from runway and other critical area of flooring, Eriez has designed the magnetic sweeper. The sweeper can prevent tyre damage and reduce equipment downtime and eliminate many safety hazards.

Eddy Current Separators
This equipment is valuable to the recycling industry as it facilitates the separation of coarse and fine non-ferrous particles from waste stream.

Eriez Eddy Current Separators are used for the recovery of non-ferrous metals from ASR, to separate aluminium cans, to purify PET flake from any non-ferrous metal contamination, to separate non-ferrous metals from incineration ash and for many more applications.

Eriez latest RevX-E ST22 offers removal of very fine nonferrous metal particles from fine waste stream, especially plastic flakes.

Vibratory Equipment
Vibratory equipment is used for controlled feeding of dry bulk materials, screening dry and wet products, separating solids from liquids, conveying large tonnages of bulk materials, and for vibrating bins and hoppers.

Fluid Filtration Equipment
Eriez filtration systems are designed to support metalworking operations using fluid and can be used as individual machine tools or complete plant-wide centralised systems. Eriez offers the centrifuge as an ideal filtration solution.

Shred 1
Using ballistics technology, Shred1 separates iron-rich ferrous from mixed metals. This system is primarily integrated in to automotive scrap processing.
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