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About us:

We are the leading supplier of compactors, waste balers and innovative recycling equipment to the public and private sector in the UK.

Bergmann Direct was formed in 1988 with headquarters in Lincoln, UK. We provide a broad range of innovative recycling equipment to UK and some overseas customers.

Bergmann Waste Equipment:
We are the main dealer of Bergmann waste equipment in the UK.
Bergmann has made its name with ‘rotary’ waste technology, whether it is rotary bin and bag compactors, roll packers or the unique throw-over blade of the portable and mobile compactors. This technology is pioneering and many others have tried to copy it but Bergmann products are the original.

The Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer:
This revolutionary and highly effective technology is transforming the treatment of food waste at source, eliminating the nightmare of smelly bins and outdated practice of putting food waste into the drain system, a practice already made illegal in Scotland.
We are now the leading supplier to the NHS in Scotland.

EPS and Polystyrene Compactors:
Bergmann Direct has established an enviable reputation as a supplier of hard-working, reliable polystyrene compactors.
This awkward waste stream can generate valuable revenue when compacted and we offer a range of excellent value robust equipment.

Static and Traversing Compactors:
Unlike our competitors we can make almost any static compactor to the specification you need.
Our statics and traversing compactors can be found the length and breath of the UK’s household waste recycling centres, at blue chip manufacturers, prestigious hotels and facilities managers.

Drum and Bottle Crushers and Screw Compactors:
We have solutions for drums and glass and have over 20 years experience with screw compactors.
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Gordon McQueen


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Explore available equipment:

  • ES500

    • Manufacturer: Eco-Smart
    • Capacity: 180-350kg
    • Cycle time: 0-12 hours (180kg) to 16-20 hours (350kg)
    • Dimensions: (D): 1360mm x (L): 1810mm x (H): 1760mm
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  • Bergmann Traversing Roll Packer RP7700VS

    • Manufacturer: Bergmann
    • Container Operation: Up to cubic yards
    • Typical tonnages in containers: 10 Tonnes
    • 4:1 waste compaction rate depending on waste type and how the Roll Packer is used: (regular rolling as the waste accumulated generates much higher tonnages per container)
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  • CP370: Large EPS Polystyrene Compactor

    • Manufacturer: Bergmann
    • Capacity: 10 to 20 cubic metres of loose EPS per hour
    • Requirement: 63A 3-phase power.
    • For: arge offcuts (pre-cast concrete customers), insulation board EPS, fish processors, wet EPS
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  • Bergmann Short Cylinder Compactor

    • Manufacturer: Bergmann
    • Loading options: Side, end or dock-loading
    • Hoppers: Open, dock-loading or fully enclosed
    • Interlocked safety cages: Normally with the bin lifter
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