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SP Automation & Robotics

About us:

Operating at the cutting edge of design, SP Automation & Robotics are an end to end solution provider of cost-effective special purpose automated machines. Seen as top Robotic Integrators in the UK, we are dedicated to the design and manufacture of bespoke automated systems that meet the demands of modern production, manufacturing, engineering and process environments.

From our purpose built facility, SP Automation & Robotics has been designing, building and installing production and process automated solutions since 1984. Our systems are located mainly in the United Kingdom, spread over England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. In addition to these, we have automated machines installed across Europe and within the USA, all of which are supported by our team of highly skilled and dynamic engineers.

Our in-house team includes project design engineers, software & control design engineers, project managers, electrical & automation engineers who work together to provide a first class, proactive and transparent service to our clients. We have provided automated systems to a wide range of industries including food & drink, plastics, munitions, medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical and cleanroom automation, automotive, electronics, packaging and construction

Over the years our automated solutions have included high-speed assembly, semi-automated processes, vision inspection machines, testing systems, robotic palletisers, materials handling, welding, packaging, automatic labelling machines, and pad printing systems. Our ability to adapt to each of our customer’s needs makes us one of a few automated machine builders that can provide true bespoke automated systems. Adopting new technologies and Industry 4.0 methodologies, this ensures our solutions are designed for today’s manufacturing, whilst considering our clients requirements for the future, allowing them to have a competitive advantage.


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June Cuthill

Sales & Marketing Support

t: 01382 880088


George Buckman Drive, Camperdown Industrial Park

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