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About us:

Solid Print3D offer honest, impartial advice & best-in-class solutions. With world class support we have become a trusted partner to a rapidly increasing number of UK & Ireland engineering businesses.

We pride ourselves on listening and understanding your exact requirements before we offer any solution and work with you to prove the return on investment.

Solid Print3D is a sister business to Solid Solutions – the UK’s largest SolidWorks reseller and one of the largest SolidWorks resellers in the world. We support over 19,000 UK design & engineering companies offering seamless 3D Scan >> 3D CAD >> 3D Print expertise.

SolidPrint3D is here to help you. For more information, please call SolidPrint3D on 01926 333 777 or email on

Juan Arias



Neil Sewell

Managing Director

t: 01926333777


Abbey Park, Stareton

Explore available equipment:

  • Markforged Composite Desktop 3D Printers (Onyx One, Onyx Pro, Mark Two)

    • Manufacturer: Markforged
    • Layer Height: 100-200μm
    • Print Bed: Precision Ground Composite
    • Printing Process: Continuous Fibre Reinforcement
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  • Markforged Industrial 3D Printers (X3, X5, X7)

    • Manufacturer: Markforged
    • Build Dimensions: 330 mm x 270 mm x 200 mm
    • Layer Height: 50 microns (0.05 mm)
    • Technology: Composite Filament Fabrication (CFF)
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  • Leica BLK360

    • Manufacturer: Leica
    • Remote operation: iPad app, Apple iPad Pro® 12.9”/iOS 10 or later
    • Distance measurement system: High speed time of flight enhanced by Waveform Digitizing (WFD) technology
    • Wavelength: 830 nm
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  • Fuse 1

    • Manufacturer: Formlabs
    • Technology: Selective Laser Sintering
    • Build Volume (W x D x H): 165 x 165 x 300 mm
    • Layer Thickness: 110 microns
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  • Peel 2 CAD

    • Manufacturer: Peel 3D
    • Accuracy: Up to 0.100 mm
    • Measurement Rates: 550,000 measurements/s
    • Scanning Area: 380 x 380 mm
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  • Peel 2 CAD-S

    • Manufacturer: Peel 3D
    • Accuracy: Up to 0.100 mm
    • Measurement rate: 550,000 measurements/s
    • Scanning area: 380 x 380 mm
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  • Formlabs 3BL

    • Manufacturer: Formlabs
    • Build Volume: 30cm x 33.5cm x 20cm
    • Laser Power: 250mW
    • Technology: LFS (Low Force Stereolithography)
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